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the fk5 friend

Dear friends,

Back when I was starting out as a photographer, I snapped bands. And photographing bands led me to meet this man. A couple of years above me in school was Craig Telfer. He was also the bassist in a local band called Marlow.

I was brought in to snap one of their practice sessions and thankfully my photography skills have come a long way since then - along with Craig's poses. (I won't share with you the pictures from all that time ago - and I'm sure he'll thank me for that!)

Fast forward 13 years or so and one of my friends had been chatting to a guy who claimed to know me from school. I won't lie, it put the fear in me. Would it be someone who I didn't get on with? Would they share the news that I was a high school nerd? Thankfully no, it was Craig Telfer popping back up in my life.

Now one of the hosts of BBC Scotland's prime football show A View From The Terrace, he's putting that personality to good use. He's a guy who I reckon could chat to anyone and make them feel comfortable, and TV seems like his natural habitat. He's got banter for days and on the show he and his co-hosts make football much more exciting for us non footie fans.

Craig has gone from Falkirk based rocker to journalism student to famous face on the telly but I'll always know him as an FK5 based music sensation.

Your friend,


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