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Kirstin from the dam

Dear friends,

When people come in to be photographed I always ask the same two questions - how do you think the world sees you and how would YOU like the world to see you?

Kirstin gave the same answer for both in that she wanted to come across fun, smiley and not taking herself too seriously. Sometimes I shoot people completely differently in the hope that it shows them something they maybe hadn't seen before. But not Kirstin. She loves the word bae. She loves No Face from Spirited Away. And I wanted to show exactly how fun she is.

She danced around in her spotty Arket dress, munched hummus and crisps with me in my hungover state and brought her latest Amsterdam tales. These were never going to be a set of serious portraits, because Kirstin is a ray of light and here she is in all her glory, shining in my living room.

Your friend,


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