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the best man

Dear friends,

I first met Scott McCartney on a night out in a Wetherspoons. We went on to the ABC nightclub (RIP) where we danced, drank and one photo of us exists from that night. Little did I know it would go on to be the first photo of a man who would mean so much to me.

His best friend is my now husband Chris and the three of us spent all of our time together. I moved into their Maryhill flat (sorry Scott) and although it wasn't ideal for me to be there, Scott never complained. We watched Father of the Bride hungover on the couch together, I helped him to bed when he was too tipsy to make it there (point your toes Scott) and we spent Valentine's Day dinners together as a three. And we had the best times.

He is someone who loves music more than most, consumes books and will never ever make you feel unwelcome. He'll be the best man at your wedding, give a speech only a talented writer can give and babysit your cats, following the most trivial list of instructions without question.

I'll not only celebrate 10 years of being with Chris this month, but 10 years of having Scott in my life.

Your friend,


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