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Dear friends,

Meet Lucy. I first met Lucy over a Bridge of Allan dinner where she talked passionately about Scottish independence and geography. She was the new girlfriend of my friend Scott and I liked her from the very start. Talk soon (obviously) turned to one of the greatest TV shows ever made - Buffy The Vampire Slayer - and we clicked.

We've cycled Arran's bouglie (and by cycled, I mean pushed our bikes up, stopping for a sit down and a good moan the whole time), chased deer on Jura and spent days bobbing in the sea with our flamingo friend in Croatia. I'll never forget the sight of a van slowing down beside me on a remote road on Islay only to see Lucy looking smug in the passenger seat, hitchhiking her way to the nearest pub. And there she was, waiting with pints in hand when we arrived dripping wet and thirsty.

Recently, she announced she wanted to cut off all her hair and get a perm and I've been championing that from the start. We're in our thirties now and if we want to do something a little different, now is the time. You know, before we get too old. Turns out, she's been an 80's perm the whole time masquerading inside a long straight haired 2000's body.

Lucy has a huge circle of friends and it's not hard to see why. She makes time for everyone, and welcomed me into her wide circle, creating a whole new group of friends for me too. She's one side of our square (the nerdiest sounding group name but at times pretty accurate). Thanks goose for a great 6 years. Please don't make me cycle up hills for much longer though - I'm far too unfit.

Your friend,



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